• Melting in Disney and Mad Hatter Dancing
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    Melting in Disney and Mad Hatter Dancing

    Our first morning waking up in Disneyland! We got up and went down to Tangaroa Terrace for breakfast. Chris opted for the breakfast platter – Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Potatoes, Island Fruit and Bacon I went for the Loco Moco – a juicy Hamburger Patty served over Rice and topped with Brown Gravy and a Fried Egg with a side of Island Fruit (I also immediately taunted my friend Cozy with it). I am definitely a “rummage in the fridge for leftovers” breakfast type so this suited me. We went back up to the room to set up the camera equipment for the day, because we were too exhausted the…

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    Books and Egg Sluts

    Visiting LA There are a TON of photos in this one, so I’m breaking it up into day and night. I mentioned our room was at the FAAAAAR end of the ship. I was not exaggerating. This is the hall that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. We popped down the road for breakfast this morning. Another beautiful and sunny day. I am one of those “give me lunch/dinner foods for breakfast” people, so anywhere with an early/all day menu is the best. I’m also forever looking for a place that has an Irish stew like Raglan Road (this did not compare unfortunately – but the…

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    LEGO Ships and Little Tokyo

    Touring the Queen Mary Good morning! There is something lovely about being able to walk around a ship every morning. All the sounds and smells of the water. I decided to take some of my free time to really see the ship today. Just don’t fall overboard. There are lifeboats – but I’m pretty sure that would be overkill for a docked ship. Seagull says “whaddya want?”. Lots of air traffic today. Ad for the Peanuts Movie. The other side of course is MetLife. Some kind of military looking helicopter. One of the areas has a LEGO display – with a huge recreation of the Queen Mary: Detailed right down…

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    CSS Dev Conf – Day 1

    I won’t bore you with the details of the week of training I did – but instead, I’ll go through some of the shots I got in between sessions and after hours. Sunrise from my room porthole. A jelly-fish like light fixture in one of the meeting rooms. Awesome view of the opposite shore! I later found out that this doubles for a Miami backdrop in TONS of shows and movies. Because it’s just easier to film it all in the LA area – and most folks don’t know any better. The mountains in the background are the most famous mountains Miami doesn’t have. This was the original tourism office.…

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    Of Queen and Mouse and Keeping it Weird

    I have the privilege of working for a company that is willing to cover training costs so long as they are beneficial to both my job and worth sharing with my team. So it was that I came across an interesting conference on CSS tips and best practices (stuff relating to the web development that I do) that was being hosted in Long Beach, CA. I’d been to San Francisco in 2013 and had a fabulous time so I decided to cash in some serious vacation days and make a proper sightseeing trip out of it all. Might as well take advantage of being on the other side of the…

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    We’re Going to Disneyland!!

    We check out from the Queen Mary – hop in the car – and head down to Anaheim. Today starts our Disneyland adventure! I take a quick snap of the sign to send to family – and because YAY DISNEY!!! Walking up – the hotel is a little generic looking. The bronze statues are very cute though! A large castle rug in the front entrance. I adore this concept art. Even the bathroom has cute vintage poster print wallpaper. I checked in at the front desk – and the lovely Veronica said if I didn’t mind waiting, she’d give me a bit of pixie dust and get us her personal…

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    My Visit to the Queen

    We head out to the airport – Chris dutifully dragging both luggages so I can work the camera. We hop the shuttle over to our terminal. McNamara is the cool terminal – but only a few airlines fly out of it. We get through TSA with a small amount of hassle… See, packing a ton of charging cables, camera lenses, and M&M tubes full of pennies looks AWFULLY suspicious on the xray. I got my hands swabbed for explosives and everything. This is the biggest airliner we’ve been on. It’s got 3 rows of seats – and yet it’s the narrowest walkway evah. The luggage barely rolls, let alone us…

  • Tree lined street in Savannah, GA
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    Miami to Michigan

    It was a happy sign that as soon as we got on the highway, we spotted a Raven transport truck. I was on my way to visit my team leader in Miami, and our team name is Ravens. Our friends decided the best time in Miami had to involve the water – so we headed out to Shuckers for dinner. Aren’t they the cutest couple? We start with some wings. And conch fritters. Gargoyles keep watch over the restaurant and the water. Lovely view And it only got better with the sunset.(Minus that weird bearded guy… ) Quick! Which one is the statue? Windy group shot! Showing off my selfie…

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    Review: JOBY GorillaPod

    From the first moment I saw it, I was absolutely smitten with the idea of the GorallaPod but I wondered if it could really deliver. I wondered if I would find as much use for it as I should for such a largish piece of accessory to lug around. In a word – yes! I’ve had mine for over a year now and while it doesn’t suit every situation, it suits nearly everywhere my current tripod doesn’t or cannot. I opted for the SLR-Zoom with Ballhead.