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    Brief Update

    Hey guys – just a quick update to let you know I’m alive. I’ve been dealing with a bout of pneumonia and some heavy workloads both at work and for family (hello mom’s lovely new kitchen floor) which has eaten up my time and/or energy. Never fear though, as I have a TON of stuff in the pipeline for you wonderful readers and will have them resuming a somewhat normal schedule soon. Upcoming: Detroit Fanfare is THIS WEEKEND! Once again I will be there all 3 days covering the awesomeness. In case you missed it last year – check out my post here. Food review of One Eyed Betty’s Entertainment…

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    Button news

    Thank you to everyone who came out to Animarathon! Now that the con circuit season is about to get in full swing here at Disjointed Images (ACEN in 29 days!) we’re focusing on what new designs to have on display. I’ve got some great ones already in the works, but as always, you’ll have to come find us to see them. Past designs are always found on our shop. We also now have HEARTS for the photo buttons in red and silver! These work just like the colored rings, only in a heart shape (with an open center for the picture). If you’ve got any requests or suggestions please post…

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    Store relaunch!

    Whew. Well, it took quite a bit longer than we anticipated, not the least of which because of my new post over at ACen.org. I’m now working on the webmaster team, and helped configure their store for a short merchandise sale for the holidays. As you can see, we’ve now got almost the full catalog of buttons available for purchase (there are still convention exclusives that are only available in person), along with photo examples of all the options. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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    Youmacon recap / End of year ramblings

    Phew – quite the time gap between posts. To quickly fill you in: we decided very last minute to throw together a WEDDING with no budget, little time, and a big dream. That pretty much ate up any spare time we had. It was however a lovely wedding, and everything went perfectly. Not long after we came back from our honeymoon, it was time to get everything together for Youmacon. It was a great weekend, lots of our fan/customers coming by to see the new designs, and a few new people too. I got to draw a squirrel, a goat with a monocle, a wolf, and will forever be haunted…

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    New Store!

    We have a new store! This one is much cleaner and easier to check out. For anyone who may have had difficulties before, I invite you over to the new shop. Grand Re-Opening! We have a new account system too! Now you can choose an easy to remember username. You do not have to create an account to make a purchase, but by doing so, you will be able to save your shopping cart, and have all of your billing and shipping information pre-filled whenever you come back. You’ll also be able to receive exclusive updates and discount specials.

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    Game updates

    The new demo is now available! I’ve updated it to allow you to try the Japanese hiragana tileset. I’ve also added multiplayer support, and the ability to save and come back to a game. The new cd jacket cover art is done. Can’t wait to see it printed. I understand there has been some trouble with the checkout, and paypal not properly showing everything secure. This is NOT affecting your info! It was just the picture displayed in the top header, and has been fixed. Thank you for your understanding, and if you hesitated before, please try your purchase again.