• Chris and Melanie in front of Yacht Club
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    Our Last Disney Dinner – Yachtsman Steakhouse

    From EPCOT we drive over to the Yacht Club Resort for our last DDP meal. We start with an amuse-bouche I get the Farmer’s Market Salad – I love granny smith apples in a salad. Chris gets an amazing looking Caesar Salad. We wisely stick with what we love, and go out on one more order of 12-oz Prime New York Strip Steak. Chris also goes with a side of au gratin potatoes. My delicious pile of mushrooms We’re treated to this lovely dessert sampler Chris got the The Yachtsman Sundae for his dessert choice. A Trio of Gelato and Amarena Cherries While I had the Fig Cheesecake – with…

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    Return to the Yachtsman Steakhouse

    First fancy dinner night! After initial sticker shock over the prices (I did not yet know the beauty of a prime steak) in 2011, the Yachtsman Steakhouse fast became and stayed our favorite (and yes, most expensive) meal. Since he was our waiter each time (and a few times on my parents’ earlier visits) previously, we wanted to make sure we had the impeccable David guiding us through our meal again. I tried to call and get David’s section, but sadly only got a voicemail. Once we arrived and checked in, we had a little wait for our table, so of course that meant picture time! Yup, we’re goofs. At…

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    WDW 2011 Day 6 – Part Two

    Our last reservation (we still had a few DDP credits to use – but this was our last planned meal) became the Yachtsman Steakhouse again. Really – we couldn’t imagine a better final splurge than this place. While it meant canceling several other planned meals, we felt this was worth it. I must also note that we asked for David as our waiter again – he did such a fantastic job on Monday that we waited for his section. Was I surprised that not only did he remember us (which just a few days later – and such a smart-remarked group as ours might not be impressive, but it IS…

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    WDW 2011 Day 1 – Dinner

    After the welcomed nap – we wandered out to see Coronado at night: Then trudged (heh) off to our Stupid Expensive dinner. I mean – I’ve splurged on meals back home, but the prices online for this place just floored me. How good can it be? The selection of beefy goodness: Then I have to get a shot of the “oh aren’t we fancy” two forks and two knives AND a butter plate setup.