Who / What is DisjointedImages?

dis▪joint▪ed: · being thrown out of orderly function
im▪age(s): · a tangible or visible representation
· a vivid or graphic representation or description

DisjointedImages (DI for short) is a “creative arts company” in the broadest terms – we do a LOT. Officially founded in 2005 by Melanie and Christine Castle, we wanted a name that encompassed everything we might do. It needed to give us the versatility and freedom to pursue more than a single product type. To let us take all the chaotic and random ideas that run through our heads and bring them to life.

Hence – DisjointedImages. We are probably most known for the convention events we attend where we sell custom made buttons; but we also create video games, do website design and programming, and any other interesting projects.

At the moment, we’re focusing on travel – so please hop on over to the blog and see where we’ve visted lately!